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Islam in South Africa

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Prayer Times in South Africa


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Islamic Dates for 2007

1st Muharram 1428 Sunday 21st January 2007
1st Safar 1428 Monday 19th February 2007
1st Rabi’al Awwal 1428 Wednesday 21st March 2007
1st Rabi’al Thaani 1428 Thursday 19th April 2007
1st Jamaada al Ula 1428 Friday 18th May 2007
1st Jamaada al Thaani 1428 Sunday 17th June 2007
1st Rajab 1428 Monday 16th July 2007
1st Sha’baan 1428 Thursday 16th August 2007
1st Ramadhan 1428 Saturday 15th September 2007
1st Shawwaal 1428 Sunday 14th October 2007
1st Dhu al Qa’dah 1428 Tuesday 13th November 2007
1st Dhu Al Hijjah 1428 Wednesday 12th December 2007



Eid ul Mubahila

14 January 2007



Eid ul Ghadir

All the Brothers, Sisters & their Respected Families are Cordially Invited to attend the Programme on the auspicious occasion of Eid ul Ghadir which will be held Insha’Allah on


7 January 2007
TIME: 17:00 HRS (5:00 pm)




Come & join us in the celebration of Imamat and renew your Allegiance to Just & Legitimate leadership of Ahlul Bait (as).

Ahlul Bait Islamic Centre
Ottery - Cape Town


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Ahlul Bait (as) Foundation of South Africa
P O Box 42, Ottery 7808, Cape Town South Africa

PHOTOS - November 2006:



A. Salatul Jum'a & Dua Kumayl

Ottery - Cape Town
Garankuwa- Pretoria
Ottawa - DurbanPort Elizabeth

B. Madresatul Imam Husayn(as)
- Weekly Islamic School for youth & kids

C. Weekly Classes for Adults

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AHLUL BAIT (AS) FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA (AFOSA) was established in 1991 to serve as an umbrella body and spokesperson for the Shi’a Muslims and their rights on various National and International Forums. Jama’ats, Groups & Organisations affiliated receive the Principle Guidance, Support and Direction from the mother body.

Inspite of the vast growth and expansion of the Shia community in recent years AFOSA continues to be the encompassing body of the majority of Followers of Ahlul Bait (as) across the country.. Read More