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Ahlul-Bait are authorities for Islamic Teachings

The oft-repeated Hadith of Thaqalain and the Mutawaatir Hadith of Safinah clearly illustrate that Ahlul-Bait are the authentic source of religious and intellectual reference for Muslims after the demise of the Holy Prophet.
According to the Hadith: "I leave after me two pivotal matters for you to cherish. One is the Book of Allah and the other my progeny (Ahlul-Bait)."
These two are further described in the following Hadith: "As long as you seek refuge in the Qur'an and Ahlul-Bayt in times of trouble, you will not go astray."
If the Qur'an is the greatest source of knowledge for the Muslims, the progeny of the Prophet also have such a status and position. If resorting to the Qur'an is a means of finding guidance and avoiding the Qur'an results in deviation from the path of righteousness, then the same is true for the Ahlul-Bayt."
According to the second Hadith:
"The similitude of Ahlul-Bayt is the same as that of Noah's Ark. whoever boards it will be saved and he who avoided it will drown."
This hadith proves the religious authority of Ahlul-Bayt in the same manner the hadith of Thaqalain does. Avoidance of Ahlul-Bait again is considered a deviance or aimlessly straying. Although the system of Khilaafah and Islamic leadership encountered indecision and lack of unity after the demise of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) and individual based jurisprudence and (political) justifications prevailed, however, none of this tainted the image of Ahlul-Bait and their religious authority.
Ali and his sons continuously remained the problem-solvers of the Ummah and covered the roots and branches of the faith in their teachings.
Despite this, the Umawi and Abbasi dynasties attempted to create a deep rift between the Ummah and Ahlul-Bayt. Shunning the progeny of Muhammad by Ahlul Sunnah in recent centuries is the result of such ominous policies of the Umawi and Abbasi dynasties.
As a result, in Sunni jurisprudence, all scholars and writers of Ahadith are eagerly quoted, yet the progeny of the Prophet are rarely mentioned. This can only be explained by the mischief of the Muslim leadership in the past.
Today, the Informed Society of Ahlul-Bait can bring together all Islamic people around one single axis and end discord. We hope and pray for the culmination of such aspirations, success of the admirers of Ahlul-Bait and harbingers of harmony and unity and cessation of discord and division among Muslim ranks.

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